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 Leslie at Work

 Watching my late mother sketch was my earliest association with art.

She was a natural, self taught artist, with a keen eye for color and shape.

With each project I complete , I feel her presence, and seem to become more passionate

with every painting, I have to admit that like my mother, I too have a natural,

self taught talent


For most of my adult life I designed Jewelry and painted in my spare time.

Color and textures are what move me, as my collection is filled with a full range of colors,

shapes and what I consider the most important, humor.


For 20 years I resided in Aventura, Fla. where my husband and I owned a 

jewelry design studio,and raised our family.


 In Sep. 1998 we moved to Jerusalem, Israel . Adjusting to the new way of life,

new language and culture, I would spent time studying the local color and middle eastern flavors...

The people , the visits to the markets, the unique buildings, streets and alleys,

those typical laundry lines caught my eye, along with the brightly colored flower pots

and Jerusalem stone homes, trademark of this magical city.


I began painting  "Scenes of Jewish Life" , tilted the buildings and added

a variety of colorto the coldness of the natural stone.


My scenes are a humorous view of the life here. In a country that faces so many difficulties,

I wished for my pictures to relate the happiness of family life and togetherness.

The streets depict my dream Jerusalem, a safe haven for all Jewish people, where we are able to

express our freedom,  as you see the children's faces in the colorful windows.


Lions have always fascinated me, Their magnificent form and movement, King of the Jungle,

a symbol of Jerusalem and Judaism that represent royalty, courage and strength,

therefore conveys the feeling I wish in my art.


I lovingly paint my  "Lions of Jerusalem"  with brightly decorated manes and bodies,

in wild colors and textures, they pose whimsically in front of Jerusalem walls and buildings,

their very own domain.


With each visit to a new part of the country I am inspired and refreshed,

filled with excitement in anticipation for what is next. My interpretation of life in Israel, fills my very soul.

My eyes well with tears as I think of my dear mother and how she would have "kvelled".


Each piece expresses my happiness here, the peace and freedom we pray for.

we shall always have this wonderful, magical country - Israel, A Place I call home .  



                                                                                                                 Leslie Naveh