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"Babylon-Baruch"-B "Babylon-Baruch"B







"Beachin-Barney"-B "Beachin-Barney"B

"Beachin-Barney"-A "Beachin-Barney"A

"Boardwalk-Bob"-B "Boardwalk-Bob"B

"Boardwalk-Bob"-A "Boardwalk-Bob"A

"Dr.-Tooth"-A "Dr.-Tooth"A

"Dr.-Tooth"-B "Dr.-Tooth"B

"Cat-Rina"-B "Cat-Rina"B

"Cat-Rina"-A "Cat-Rina"A

"Desert-King"-B "Desert-King"B

"Desert-King"-A "Desert-King"A

"David & Josef"-B "David & Josef"B

"David & Josef"-A

"David & Josef"A

"Don-cor-Lion"-B "Don-cor-Lion"B

"Don-cor-Lion"-A "Don-cor-Lion"A



"Feline-Phil"-A "Feline-Phil"A


"Dolphin-Dan"-F "Dolphin-Dan"F

"Blue-Suede-Shoes"-F "Blue-Suede-Shoes"F

"Gitano"-A "Gitano"A

"Jazzin Joe"  All "Lions of Jerusalem"  characters are available in  print on Fine Art paper. 12"x17" in size. The price is $60 each, Shipping included!


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"Lions of Jerusalem"
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